As part of the award winning refurbishment of this building all building services have been upgraded to provide high quality, low maintenance, flexible building systems together with a high level of asset and personnel protection provided by fire safety and security systems.


The building is served by a recently upgraded, central chilled water plant utilising leading edge chiller design. The PowerPax chiller uses bearing-less magnetic shaft levitation technology combined with a variable speed, centrifugal compressor which also incorporates digitally controlled inlet guide vane control. This combination produces a machine which at full load matches or exceeds the efficiency of the most advanced conventional chillers and at partial load, the state in which chillers spend most of their running time, greatly exceeds the efficiency of conventional chillers.

Each floor is divided into four individual full zones and two sub-zones served by two chilled water fan coil units located within dedicated plantrooms on each floor. Each fan coil unit supplies a central zone, a perimeter zone and a perimeter sub-zone on the southern face of the building. Base building system capacity is designed to meet the typical requirements of modern office design and a tenant condenser water loop makes provision for tenantswho find they require supplementary air conditioning for boardrooms, computer rooms, data rooms and any other areas with specialist requirements. Valved take-off points are located within each plant room on each floor.

Base building air conditioning can be provided out of hours to 50% of any floor based on the basic east/west orientation of the base building systems.


Rising sub-mains carry power to a configurable distribution and metering panel on each floor from where power is supplied to each suite. Basic power distribution allows for 55 VA/m2 of connected power for each suite but the installed facilities do allow for individual specific needs that may exceed the base building allowance.

Lighting is supplied by modern, low energy consumption T5 fluorescent light fittings providing a minimum lighting level of 350 lux at the work surface.


A modern access control and intruder detection system which is supplemented by a digital CCTV system compliments the foyer concierge system to provide a high level of security without limiting owner access to each suite.


Two fully refurbished lifts serve each level of the building. The updated lift control system is microprocessor based providing a high level of reliability, precise floor levelling regardless of lift loading and excellent floor to floor transport times. The refurbished and upgraded car and guide systems provide excellent ride quality whilst the refurbished car interiors retain their heritage appearance whilst providing modern functionality.


The entire building is sprinkler protected and has a modern fire detection and alarm system coupled to an Emergency Warning and Intercom System (EWIS), fire hydrants, fire hose reels and portable fire extinguishers are installed throughout the building. All fire systems meet current Australian standards requirements, slightly varied in some instances in keeping with the historical nature of this building.


Modern voice and data networks are accommodated by the upgraded building cabling system and at each level within the communications riser access is available to a digital MATV system providing both “free to air” and “pay TV’ network connections.

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