• A comprehensive concierge service during business hours
  • Assistance to occupiers and visitors with access and their inquiries
  • Ensured security by restricting/prohibiting unauthorised persons entering the lobby and loitering around the building
  • Co-ordination of Meeting Room bookings
  • Holding of keys on behalf of the occupiers for the access of authorised guests and contractors
  • Collection and safekeeping of items on behalf of the occupiers
  • Co-ordination of the booking of ‘move ins’ and ‘outs’ and ensurance that protective covers are used when moving objects which may damage the interior of the elevators
  • Installation of signage and mats when raining to prevent slippages
  • Emergency responses and safety maintenance management
  • Identification and reporting of hazards
  • Creation of policies and procedures for efficient and effective building management

The Concierge Desk is the checkpoint between the noisy, uncontrolled bustle of George Street, and the quiet, gilded oasis that is 350 George. Operating from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, the concierge service is a guarantee that visitors and occupiers alike experience the building in a manner worthy of its grand standing and refined elegance. Occupiers’ day-to-day enquiries are directed to the Concierge Desk, as are questions about shops and services in the immediate area. The Desk is the place where Meeting Room bookings are made, keys are held for the arrival of an important visitor, dry cleaning and other parcels are deposited and retrieved, and is the first point of call for all matters pertaining to the smooth running of this iconic establishment. As the watch guard appointed to guarantee the safety and security of occupiers and visitors, the concierge is a guarantee that only the right people manage to access the building, and that the wrong people think twice before even trying. Like the guardians of Europe’s grandest hotels, the Concierge Desk is a guarantee of stylish, efficient, seamless service.

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